HDSDR Keyboard Shortcuts

Function Keyboard Shortcut 
Set LO frequency on tuned frequency (to be considered LO<->Tune Offset) C
Enter new LO frequency Ctrl+O or L
Enter new Tune frequency Ctrl+T or T
Enter new Quick Tune frequency (auto LO) Ctrl+Q or Q
Fast frequency input 1 - 9
Switch between LO A and B Ctrl+V
Frequency Manager + Bands Ctrl+B
Increase LO frequency by visible spectrum bandwidth Ctrl+PageUp
Decrease LO frequency by visible spectrum bandwidth Ctrl+PageDown
Select MouseWheelStep Ctrl+Home or Menu
Increase Tune frequency by MouseWheelStep Ctrl+Up
Decrease Tune frequency by MouseWheelStep Ctrl+Down
Increase LO frequency by MouseWheelStep Ctrl+Right
Decrease LO frequency by MouseWheelStep Ctrl+Left
Enter new Locut frequency Shift+L
Enter new Hicut frequency Shift+H
Increase Locut frequency Shift+Up
Decrease Locut frequency Shift+Down
Increase Hicut frequency Shift+Right
Decrease Hicut frequency Shift+Left
Switch Mode to AM Ctrl+A
Switch Mode to CW Ctrl+C
Switch Mode to DRM Ctrl+D
Switch Mode to ECSS Ctrl+E
Switch Mode to FM Ctrl+F
Switch Mode to LSB Ctrl+L
Switch Mode to USB Ctrl+U
NB – Noise Blanker RF B
NB – Noise Blanker IF I
NR – Noise Reduction R
Manual Notch Filter (Beat Cancel) N
Automatic Notch Filter (Auto Beat Cancel) A
AGC (fast/mid/slow/off) G
Mute on/off M
Volume +/-
Swap position of Waterfall/Spectrum S
Swap position of RF/AF Display Ctrl+S
Save current RF Waterfall to image file (in WAV recording directory) Ctrl+W
Collapse Mode (only upper Display) Shift+C
Compact Mode (without RF+AF Display) Shift+X
Zoom RF Spectrum Ctrl+'+'
UnZoom RF Spectrum Ctrl+'-'
Reset RF Spectrum Zoom to full bandwidth Ctrl+0
Increase RF FFT Resolution Bandwidth (RBW) Ctrl+'*'
Decrease RF FFT Resolution Bandwidth (RBW) Ctrl+'/'
Zoom AF Spectrum Shift+'+'
UnZoom AF Spectrum Shift+'-'
Reset AF Spectrum Zoom to full bandwidth Shift+0
Increase AF FFT Resolution Bandwidth (RBW) Shift+'*'
Decrease AF FFT Resolution Bandwidth (RBW) Shift+'/'
S-meter calibration: Increase level Shift+Up
S-meter calibration: Decrease level Shift+Down
S-meter calibration: Reset level Shift+Home
Set AFC carrier search range for AM/ECSS modes Shift+A
CW Peak P
CW Despreading D
Switch between RX and TX Space
TX mode: Switch CW carrier tone on/off Return
Rewind WAV file Shift+W or Shift+Home
Jump to next WAV file (Multipart WAV file only) Shift+End
Switch WAV file looping Shift+O
Record WAV file Shift+R
Play WAV file Shift+P
Stop Playback/Recording Shift+S
Pause Playback/Recording Shift+B or Space
Change WAV step size Shift+K
Increase WAV file position by 'step size' Shift+PageUp
Decrease WAV file position by 'step size' Shift+PageDown
Show GUI of ExtIO-DLL H
Help / Info / Update check F1
Start/Stop HDSDR F2
Minimize HDSDR F3
Open sound card selection dialog F5
Open sampling rate dialog F6
Open Options menu F7
Full Screen F11
Boss Key Pause